Continuing Competency Program

Continuing Competency Program

Professional development is an activity which is expected of all professionals. It is usually inherent in the professional legislation for self-governing professions and is of increasing importance to all foresters and forest professionals. Rapid technological change, the social significance of forest resources, increased public awareness, higher environmental standards, greater professional demands and the ever-changing competencies required, dictate continuous learning and development if individuals and the profession are to better serve societies interests.

Highlights of the program are as follows:
Under the ARPFNB Continuing Competency Program, Members:

  1. Aim to achieve 36 Continuing Competency contact hours annually.
  2. Obtain 100 contact hours of continuing competency activities / professional development over a three (3) year period.
  3. Distribute the hours appropriately within the Categories of Participation.  A minimum of 36 hours over the three year period must be in Category 1 .
  4. Maintain a “ARPFNB Competency Program Tracking Form” for their own records.
  5. Complete and submit the On-line Reporting Educational Records Annually.

To help ensure compliance with this program, all members are required to report total number of Continuing Competency Credits accumulated during the previous year.  Each year an audit will be conducted of a randomly selected 5% sample of the ARPFNB membership to ensure our membership is meeting the ARPFNB Continuing Competency Program requirements.

Continuing competency activities and professional development will be evaluated over a rolling three-year period.  Members not meeting the program requirements as determined by the audit shall submit a training plan that identifies how shortfalls will be met over the next 12 months. *Should an ARPFNB member also be an RPF in another CFPFA member professional forestry association (As a Regular or Associate member), and has fulfilled their CCP requirements, may submit to us a copy of their Continuing Competency Report for the other RPF association in fulfillment of our CCP requirements.

There are 3 Categories of Participation where members may obtain their 100 contact hours:

(1)   Category 1: Formal Education and Training (36 hours MINIMUM/3 year period);

(2)   Category 2: Self-directed reading and Forestry Professional Business (100 hours MAXIMUM);

(3)   Category 3: Professional Practice and Technology Transfer (100 hours MAXIMUM)

All 100 contact hours may be obtained in Category 1, but members are encouraged to distribute their activities through the various Categories of Participation the CCP.

Continuing competency activities for three (3) years prior to becoming a member may be used towards meeting program objectives.  Course work taken or presented as part of a formal degree program which is required to obtain membership in the association are not eligible for program credits.  However, credits obtained during graduate or post­graduate studies will be recognized.

To report your Continuing Competency Credits on-line, click here. NOTE: You need to be logged in to view this page.

Members should update their educational records from January 1, 2018 to present day.

PDF:  ARPFNB Competency Program