ARPFNB Membership List

ARPFNB Membership List

According to the New Brunswick Foresters Act 2001, Section 20:
Only persons who are members in good standing of the Association may:

  • use the designation "Registered Professional Forester",
  • use the initials "RPF", and may
  • represent himself or herself to be registered under this Act.

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Name Membership Category Registration/Province
James L. Bowen RPF-Full Member 570/NB
Chris Bowie RPF-Full Member 584/New Brunswick
Allen M. Brackley RPF-Associate 455/AK
William Bradley RPF-Full Member 670/NB
Karl J. F. Branch RPF-Full Member 522/NB
Eric Brideau RPF-Full Member 618/NB
Karine Brideau RPF-Full Member 598/NB
Blake A. Brunsdon RPF-Full Member 334/NB
Wayne G. Buckley RPF-Life 304/NB
Kyle Buckley RPF-Full Member 666/ON

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