ARPFNB Membership List

ARPFNB Membership List

According to the New Brunswick Foresters Act 2001, Section 20:
Only persons who are members in good standing of the Association may:

  • use the designation "Registered Professional Forester",
  • use the initials "RPF", and may
  • represent himself or herself to be registered under this Act.

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Name Membership Category Registration Number
Brad Marshall RPF-Life 247
William Martin RPF-Life 203
Daniel Martin RPF-Full Member 646
Sarah Martin RPF-Full Member 687
David J. Mason RPF-Life 191
Douglas Matthews RPF-Life 376
Mark R. Mazerolle RPF-Full Member 483
Patrick McCarthy RPF-Life 351
Wayne McCarthy RPF-Life 352
D.W. McCormack RPF-Life 153
D.J. McCrea RPF-Life 188
Lindsey McGill RPF-Associate 554
Dr. Rory L. McIntosh RPF-Associate 428
William McKay RPF-Life 279
Monica McKendy RPF-Full Member 650
Paul McKinley RPF-Life 291
Nigel McLaughlin RPF-Full Member 700
John McMullen RPF-Full Member 645
Sterling McNeish RPF-Life 138
Robert L. Melville RPF-Life 160
Brian R. Melvin RPF-Life 228
Pierre Mezzetta RPF-Full Member 610
Shona Millican RPF-Full Member 691
Derrick Mitchell RPF-Full Member 580
Shawn Morehouse RPF-Full Member 667
Jeffrey Keith Morris RPF-Full Member 619
Cindy N. Morris RPF-Full Member 624
Margo Morrison RPF-Full Member 567
Jordan Mulherin RPF-Full Member 663
Dr. Timothy Mullin RPF-Life 429
Daniel P. Murphy RPF-Life 363
Ryan Murphy RPF-Full Member 590
Thomas S. Murray RPF-Life 222
Donald Murray Non-practicing 611
Madison Murray Forester-In-Training 685
Emily Loretta Nicholson Forester-In-Training 679
Terry E. Noble RPF-Full Member 347
Michelle Noddin-Scott RPF-Full Member 546
Martin Noël RPF-Full Member 651
Travis Douglas Noftell RPF-Full Member 655
Christopher Norfolk RPF-Full Member 636
Mike O'Blenis RPF-Full Member 607
Rod J. O'Connell RPF-Life 224
Shyla O'Donnell Non-practicing 564
Jamie O'Donnell RPF-Full Member 616
Mackenzie O'Donnell RPF-Full Member 696
H. Joseph O'Neill RPF-Life 157
Martha O'Sullivan RPF-Full Member 571
Jae Ogilvie RPF-Full Member 594
Paul Orser RPF-Full Member 392

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