Membership Categories

Membership Categories

Regular Members

Upon registration with the ARPFNB regular members receive a certificate and are entitled to use the initials “R.P.F.” following their name. Regular members may vote in elections to committees and boards, stand for elections to the Executive Committee and Board of Examiners, and act as sponsors to new applicants to the Association.

Associate Members

Regular members who have paid fees to the ARPFNB for no less than ten (10) years and have reached the age of fifty five(55) may request to be placed in the Associate Member category if they are no longer employed in the practice of forestry. Associate members have all rights and privileges of regular members, may stand for elections to the Executive Committee and Board of Examiners, and may vote in elections. They may also sponsor new applicants to the Association. Annual fees for associate members are half of the regular members’ annual fee.

Non-residents who are members of another professional foresters association and who wish to maintain their association with the ARPFNB are also Associate Members. Regular members who would like to change their category to associate should contact the Association office.

Foresters in Training

Foresters in training (FIT) are those members who have fulfilled the educational requirements to become members of the Association but who have not yet acquired the necessary 2 years of experience practicing forestry. FITs work under the supervision of a mentor member and must fulfill requirements outlined in the FIT document. FITs may use the initials “FIT” after their name.

The full program description, and applicable forms can be found : FIT_Mentorship Program

Use the link below to download an application form:

FIT Application Form 

Life Members

A member who has paid fees to the Association for not less than ten (10) years and has reached the age of sixty five (65) and who is no longer employed in the practice of forestry shall be granted life membership with full rights and privileges of a Regular member.

Non-practicing Members

A regular or associate member may apply to be a non-practicing member of the Association on submission of a written explanation of their situation to the Executive Committee. Typically, non-practicing members are on hiatus from employment in forestry but wish to maintain their membership. Non-practicing members pay 25% of the regular members’ fee and may not vote on ARPFNB matters.

Student Members

Students enrolled in full time study at an accredited university in a forestry or forest engineering undergraduate or graduate program may join the Association as student members. The annual fee for student members is 10% of regular members’ dues. They do not vote on ARPFNB matters, and are not entitled to use the designation of “RPF”.

Click on link below to apply:
Student Application

ARPFNB Fee Schedule 2020, adopted February 25th, 2018

Regular Member, RPF Annual $300.00
Associate Member $150.00
Non-Practicing Member $75.00
Forester-in-Training Member $150.00
Student Member $30.00
Life Member None
Application Fee$250.00
Registration Exam Writing Fee$75.00
RPF Course$100.00
Other Fees
Late Fees$15.00