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Hub International provides group professional insurance for Registered Professional Foresters across the country.

For more information about the Professional Liability insurance program (and companion Commercial General Liability coverage) that has been arranged by the Association, please obtain an information package from:
Jordan Fellner, Account Manager, Hub International Insurance Brokers

In a series of INfact articles, Jordan answers questions around professional liability insurance.

How can legal expense insurance help protect me and my practice?

What You Should Know About Your Insurance, Before Entering Contracts

Do I need Professional Liability Insurance when I am employed by someone else?

What Is and Why Should I Carry Errors & Omissions (E&O) and/or Professional Liability Insurance?

Program Professional Liability Insurance Quiz.

Famous Last Words.

I have home insurance that includes liability coverage. I do not need Professional Liability or Commercial General Liability insurance for my business too…

Program Professional Liability Insurance Quiz.

What is the difference between a “claims made” and an “occurrence” policy?