ARPFNB Scholarships


The ARPFNB sponsored scholarships are valued at $1000 each, there is a total of  four scholarships awarded annually. Three are awarded at the University of New Brunswick (UNB) and one is awarded at the University of Moncton, Edmundston (UdeM) campus.

Awarded primarily on the basis of scholastic attainment to students entering the second, third or fourth year of either the BScF or BScENR programs. Evidence of leadership, as demonstrated by involvement in extra-curricular activities, executive positions in student societies, and student membership in the ARPFNB etc., are also a consideration. The recipients are chosen by UNB or UdeM.

These scholarship are primarily funded by voluntary contributions from our Life Members, however there are many members within the association that contribute annually to maintain the scholarship.

We are pleased to announce the recipients of ARPFNB $1000 scholarships for the 2022- 2023 school year are:

Current Recipients:

Kriston Wilson UNB.  Kriston is a 4th year bachelor of science in forestry student at UNB from Quispamsis, NB

Madison White, UNB. Madison is 3rd year bachelor of science in forestry student at UNB and hopes to enter the Master of Science in Forestry Program upon graduation. Madison is from Douglas, NB.

Katelyn Chapman, UNB. Katelyn is currently a 4th year bachelor of science in forestry student at UNB, is an all star women's volleyball athlete, and volunteers with the Reds Grassroots Program.  This is Katelyns second year in receiving the ARPFNB Student scholarship. Katelyn is from Indian Mountain, NB.

M. Jérôme Brais is studying Forest Management at l’Universite de Moncton at Edmundston. He is from Ste-Sabine – Dunham, Quebec. Jérôme has stood out in the student community since the beginning of his stay at the School by his leadership in the organization of various para-academic, social and sports activities. Responsible for sports activities in the student council, he organized team sports tournaments, and was also actively involved in the organization of the forest games that took place in Quebec last spring. Now vice-president of the student council, he works with his contagious enthusiasm to integrate new students and promote a pleasant student life rich in varied experiences.

Previous Recipients:

School Year 22-23
Kriston Wilson, UNB
Madison White, UNB
Katelyn Chapman, UNB
M. Jérôme Brais, UMCE
School Year 21-22
Katelyn Chapman, UNB
Olivia Blizzard, UNB
Hannah Haynes-Macdonald, UNB
M. Félix Frenière-Leroux, UMCE
School Year 20-21
Katelyn Chapman, UNB
Kaitlyn Harquail, UNB
Rebecca Whiteway, UNB
Naomi Mc Mahon, UMCE
School Year 19 - 20
Emily Czerwinski, UNB
Allison Meister, UNB
Caleb Waite, UNB
Frédércick Huet, UMCE
School Year 18 - 19
Braden Pelletier, UNB
Cameron Arthurs, UNB
Dane Riemenschneider, UNB
Samuel Pelletier, UMCE
School Year 17 – 18
Connor Mooney, UNB
Louis Cormier, UNB
Bradley Constantine, UNB
Caroline Goulet, UMCE
School Year 16 – 17
Adam Archibald, UNB
Maggie Brewer, UNB
Kirsten Johnsen, UNB
Roby Martel, UMCE
School Year 15 – 16
Zach Bernard, UNB
Stewart Hillhouse, UNB
Evan Miller, UNB
Stéphanie Boulianne, UMCE
School Year 14 – 15
Maggie Brewer, UNB
Alan Gammon, UNB
Jessie Randall, UNB
Stéphanie Boulianne, UMCE
School Year 13 – 14
Mike Hutchinson, UNB
Sean Lamb, UNB
Spencer Flynn, UNB
Vincent Bossé, UMCE
School Year 12 – 13
Juliana Vantellingen, UNB
Mary Gardner, UNB
Erin Guest, UNB
Sébastien Samson, UMCE
School Year 11 – 12
Taisa Brown, UNB
Shawn James, UNB
Erin Guest, UNB
Pierre Escalet, UMCE