Association of Registered Professional Foresters
of New Brunswick

The Registered Professional Foresters of New Brunswick

The ARPFNB’s Goals & Objectives

The direct management of the forest resources of New Brunswick is entrusted to the members of the Association of Registered Professional Foresters who are responsible together with their employers for the sustainable and wise use of the forest resource.

The Association of Registered Professional Foresters of NB goals are to:

  • Assure the general public of the proficiency, competency and integrity of the Registered Professional Foresters in the Province of New Brunswick through the practice of their profession; and.
  • Encourage a wider understanding of forestry issues; and
  • Improve the practice of professional forestry in the Province; and
  • Promote and increase the interests, knowledge, skill, and proficiency of its members in all matters relating to forestry; to promote the best standards of forestry practice; and to maintain a high esprit de corps in the profession.

The Association meets the responsibility for sustainable forest resource management

  • Members are graduates of accredited forestry degree programs
  • Are committed to continuing competency education, and
  • Must adhere to the professional code of ethics.

The core curriculum followed by forestry faculties provides the foundation on which graduate foresters build their careers. An understanding of all values in the forest is inculcated in foresters and, from this foundation, each grow their particular area of interest and career.

The entomologist, economist, biologist, fire management officer, geographic information analyst, tree improvement manager, extension authority, academic, policy adviser, administrator, and executive all begin as foresters and people the departments of government, industry and academia involved in forestry.

They are the Registered Professional Foresters of New Brunswick, using the designation R.P.F.

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